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211 Fourth St., Suite 306, Juneau Alaska 99801

(907) 586-9855 or (800) 478-9991




         October 21, 2015:  Immediate family member redefined.

At a meeting today, the Trustees redefined immediate family as it applies to the matter of probate.   An immediate family member is defined as the participantís spouse, children, siblings and parents.  Coverage is applicable retroactive to July 1, 2015 services.

Please refer to the Plan Booklet for a complete description.


July 1, 2015New Plan Booklets are available at any APEA/AFT office and here on the website.  Changes to the Plan include:

  • There are no more Plan A or Plan B attorneys.  There are only Plan Attorneys and Non-Plan Attorneys.

  • Plan Attorneys hourly rate increased from $125 to $150.  Their paralegals hourly rate also increased from $75 to $90.

  • Non-Plan Attorneys were only paid $60 per hour when their rate exceeded that of a Plan Attorney.  Their rate increased to $100 per hour.

  • Only you, your spouse or dependents may use your benefit.

  • Probate and Personal Representative or Executor duties will be covered only in the event of your death, or the death of your immediate family members (spouse or children).  Please see "Section 4 - How to Use the Plan" for a complete description of what is now covered under Estate Planning, Wills and Probate of Participant's Estate.   Immediate family member has been redefined.  Please see above for accurate information.


We no longer have a free telephone consultation service,

but legal services are free to you up to $2,000 each Plan Year

when you use a Plan Attorney. 


April 29, 2014:  Local 6070, our Crafts & Trades Employees at the University, Lose their Legal Trust Benefit

In an unfortunate round of negotiations, the legal services benefit was not re-negotiated into their new collective bargaining agreement which the University's Board of Regents approved on April 29, 2014.  The Board of Trustees of the APEA/AFT Legal Trust Fund did however extend the benefit until June 6th, giving our members some time to wrap up existing matters or to get something new done prior to losing their benefit.


July 1, 2012:  Juneau Mental Health Professionals Join the Legal Trust Fund

JMHP employees and management of the Juneau Alliance for Mental Health Inc. are eligible for the legal services benefit.


January 1, 2012: Legal Benefit Decreased

Your yearly maximum limit decreased from $2,500 to $2,000 for attorney fees, paralegal fees and associated expenses for covered legal matters.


January 1, 2012:  Plan Attorney Rates Decreased

Plan A attorney rates decreased to $125 per hour. 


August 2011:  New Plan Booklets Will Be Mailed

The SU and CEA will be receiving their new Plan Booklet and forms by email.  Members' of the remaining participating units (JESS, FNSB, NJU, KBEA and Local 6070) will have hard copies mailed to them.  Also included will be the most recent Plan A Attorney List.  However, check out Attorneys (top left link) for the most up-to-date listing in your area.


July 1, 2011:  Dependent Coverage Expands

Effective July 1, your benefit will now cover your same-sex domestic partner with your authorization and proof of relationship.


January 1, 2011:  KBEA Has Legal Benefit

In great appreciation to the KBEA and APEA/AFT negotiators of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Employees Association members are now Plan participants of the Legal Trust Fund.  The maximum benefit is the same for all participants.  We welcome another 230 participants to the Plan. 


July 1, 2007:  Plan Attorney/Paralegal Hourly Rates Increased

Plan A attorney rates increased to $140 per hour and their paralegals to $75 an hour. 


July 1, 2006:  Legal Benefit Increased

Your yearly maximum limit increased from $1,500 to $2,500 for attorney fees, paralegal fees and associated expenses for covered legal matters.






Plan A Attorneys Are Restricted to a Specific Hourly Rate

They may not bill you the difference to make up their normal hourly rate.  Do not pay it.  Instead, call me immediately so that I may contact the attorney.  The restricted rate is the maximum they can bill.  Period.  The only reason you would need to pay anything out of your own pocket is when youíve heard from this Plan Office that your maximum has been paid for the year or the attorney requires a retainer to begin work.  While you may use any attorney you want to - the attorneys on our web site have lowered their rate for you and in doing so, make this benefit better.

Members who retain high-priced attorneys, otherwise known as Plan "B" attorneys to our Plan, have been disappointed with the payment made by the Legal Trust Fund.  They wanted to know why we paid a reduced rate for Plan B attorneys ($60.00 per hour) and not the same rate as that of a Plan A attorney.  Their argument was that they could not get a qualified attorney that would reduce their hourly rate. 

It's like this:  By using a Plan A Attorney, members pay nothing out of their own pocket until their maximum if reached.  If the Trust were to raise the rate of Plan B attorneys to the same amount paid to Plan A attorneys, Plan A attorneys would soon become extinct.  Attorneys would not lower their rate because they would be paid in full, regardless.   The net result would be that every member would have to pay something out of their pocket.   The basic premise of the Legal Trust Fund is to try and provide legal services to its members at no cost to them.  Providing Plan A Attorneys to our members achieves that goal.  

Check this out...

Estate Planning Checklist


Do you have a Living Trust or a will?

Does your spouse or same sex domestic partner have a Living Trust or a will?

Are they valid in the state in which you are now living?

Have you had life changes since you created your estate plan that need to be updated?


Does your plan provide for your children and/or beneficiaries should you and your spouse die?


If you have a potentially taxable estate, have you planned for that in your will or trust?


Will your estate avoid probate?


Is all of your property titled properly?


Does your estate have sufficient liquidity to pay your final expenses and taxes?


Have you protected yourself and your estate from any potential incapacity?


Have your estate planning documents been reviewed in the last three years?