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APEA/AFT Headquarters
211 Fourth Street
Suite 306
Juneau, Alaska 99801
(907)586-5905 Fax

Plan Attorneys At $150/Hour

Because the Trustees increased the hourly rate for our Plan Attorneys for services beginning July 1, 2015, new Plan Attorney Agreements were required.  If you don't see the Plan Attorney you were using in the last Plan Year listed here, please go to claim forms (left) and print the Plan Attorney Agreement for them to submit with their claim so they can continue working for you and all our Legal Trust Fund participants at the restricted rate. 

Please scroll down to see the Plan Attorneys listed alphabetically by city. These attorneys have restricted their hourly rate to $150 for you. Their fields of practice codes and telephone numbers are listed to the right. Check below for the code definition.  If you do not see your matter listed below it probably is not covered.  The Plan Booklet's Section 6, Exclusions, lists those types of matters in detail.

If you are comfortable hiring an attorney outside your city, you can use any attorney on this list at the reduced rate.  You do not have to hire an attorney from our list and the Trustees are not attesting to their abilities.  The listed licensed Alaska attorneys have agreed to work at a reasonable rate for our members and are paid at 100% up to the maximum benefit.

Non-Plan attorneys are not listed here.  They typically have a higher hourly rate and may or may not work for less.  If you choose to hire an attorney not on this list, it is your responsibility to negotiate a fee schedule.  If they charge more than $150.00 per hour, the Trust pays $100.00 per hour and you are responsible for the balance.  If a Non-Plan attorney reduces their rate for you to $150 per hour, your benefit will pay them at 100%, like a Plan Attorney.

Fields of Practice Codes:

A - General Practice
B - Civil Litigation
C - Personal Injury
D - Estate Planning/Wills/     and limited Probate
E - Consumer Transactions
F - Personal Bankruptcy
G - Family Matters

H - Real Estate
I - Tenant Rights
J - Will Preparation
K - Mediation
L - Adoption
M- Immigration

Please scroll down to view Attorneys.  They are listed in Alpha order by City.



Aglietti, Offret & Woofter  279-8657 CFGHJL
Ahearn, Meredith A 244-4410 ADGJL
AK Immigration Justice Project 279-2457 M
Allan, Dan  344-8851 AGL
Baranow, David  522-2136 ABEGIJL
Barrickman, Evan 770-9000 ABCGJL
Brown, Gayle J 274-1074 GL
Byers, Jeri D 338-1201 GL
Cahill, H. Frank 222-4905 AFH
Ching, Swan T 523-4242 CEH
Colver Law 272-0400 DHJ
Cook, Carl 929-0888 BCG
Conway, Maribeth 258-2400 D
Cravez, Glenn E 276-3370 DEJK
Creative Solutions for Families 227-9978 K
Dattan, D Scott 276-8008 ABCGJL
Davis & Mathis 561-4420 DHJ
Gallagher, Sheila  276-1641 DJK
Gazewood & Weiner 375-7905 All fields
Greer, Stephen E 561-5520 D
Hagans Webb 276-5294 AG
Heady, Brian D 276-8008 ABCDEGHIJKL
Holland, Jennifer 279-3333 F
Jacobus, Kenneth P 277-3333 ABCJL
Johnson & Kim 274-9555 DFGJL
Jones, Darryl L 278-1212 ABCDGHIJL
Josephson Law Office 276-0151 ABCGJL
Joyner, J Mitchell 274-5646 BCF
Kelley & Canterbury 276-8185 BCJ
Kelly & Patterson 258-6777 ABDHJ
Khalsa, Amrit Kaur 348-9699 DJ
Kirk, Kenneth 279-1659 DJL
Levesque Law Group 261-8935 AJ
Longacre Law Offices 350-1748 ABDEHIJK
Matthews & Zahare 276-1516 ABCEJK
McNabb, Mitchi V 561-4529 DGJ
Nesbett & Nesbett 770-6920 A
Olsen, Dianne 382-8774 L
Otterson Law Office 868-5050 GKL
Passard, Christina M 272-0024 DJ
Patteson, Curtis 306-9166 DGJ
Patterson, Michael J 276-7966 BC
Perfectly Legal Paralegal 349-6969 ABGJ
Pharr, John C 272-2525 ABCDEFGHIJL
Pontious, Danee L 276-8008 ABCDGJKL
Porter, Alicia 569-0050 ABDGJK
Reausaw, Jody  258-3435 BGIJL
Reges, Robert 222-7100 H
Roley, Ryan R  248-1405 GL
Schlereth, Ernest M  272-5549 D
Smith, Steven D 276-2197 ABCDJKL
Stohr, Kimberly J  274-0265 GIJ
Taylor, Robin A 276-1466 GL
Tiernan, Barton M 277-7657 ACDHJKL
Tugman, Sarah J 677-7889 ABCGJ
Shaddy, Martha   277-6636 GL
Stohr, Kimberly J  274-0265 GIJ

Sullivan, Pam 



Wade, Kelly & Sullivan 



Weeks, Kathleen A 



Wells, Lance C


All matters

Wendlandt, John C



Wheeles, Ian  375-5561 ABDGHIJKL
Wild Woman Law Practice  222-5252 DJ
Zorea, Moshe Calberg  337-7741 GL


Mulvaney, Molly  424-7858 ADHIJKL
Eagle River    


Ballou, Gail M  456-6632 BEHIJ
Burns & Associates  452-1666 ABDGHIJL
Centerpoint Mediation & Legal 388-7151 DHIJKL
Downes & Tallerico  474-4529 ABCDGIJKL
Gazewood & Weiner 452-5196 All fields
Hackett, James M  456-3626 J
Northern Law Group  374-5050 DJ
Therrien, Valerie M 452-6195 ADEFHIJKL


Haas & Spigelmyer 235-1007 ADGJKL


Barnum, Kris L 723-6844 ADHIJ
Blasco, Robert  586-3340 ABEGHIJKL
Brand, Chrystal Sommers 789-4115 G
Geldhof, Joseph W 586-8193 ABGDH
Grant, Paul  586-2701 DEHK
Gruening & Spitzfaden  586-8110 ABDHIJ
Higgins, Kevin 586-3300 ABGK
Mariotti, Lisa A 500-8155 AJH
Mertz, Douglas 586-4004 AJK
Polasky, Nicholas  586-4080 AGIJL
Preston, Ray C  586-2931 HJ
Sanders, Vance  586-1648 ABCDHJKL
Sheehan, James  586-1400 HJ
Sorensen, Stephen F 586-1400 AHIJK


Aaronson, Daniel  283-7187 CDJ
Baldwin & Butler  283-7167 DGHJKL
Skrha, Joe Ray  283-7100 ABCDGIJL
Walton Theiler & Winegarden  283-5774 ABCDGHIJKL


Chupka Currall LLC  247-1902 ABCDEGHIJKL
Heiser, Michael P  225-1910 All fields
Miller, A Fred 225-6666 ADEGHIJKL


Johnson Kamai Trueb 512-3090 ABCDEGHIJKL
Skinner Law Office 512-0467 ADGHJK
Wittenbrader, Jill  486-1004 ABCDEGHIJKL


LT Nome Law 443-5226 A


Dalrymple Law  745-6332 ABDHJ


Bosman, Corrie 747-1060 ADGHJKL
Hanson, Brian E  747-3257 A
Speck, Brita 747-3750 ADHJ


Dolifka, Dale 262-2910 DGHJL
Redmond, Sonja 262-7846 ABDHJ




Denali Law Group



Jensen, Eric 



Sterling & Dearmond 




Last Update 05/11/17